Pull down the barriers…between you and the life you love
Chronic pain…doesn’t have to be forever
The difference between a diagnosis… and a solution
A simple alternative… to drugs and surgery
Experience care as a relationship… not as a number
Welcome to Healing Tree

Physical Therapy at Healing Tree is about individualized care and a holistic approach. We strive to identify the reason for your pain or inability to do what you love. We do this by looking at the whole body and addressing underlying problems, not just a "diagnosis". We work with you to make the changes necessary to eliminate your pain and achieve your goals through a variety of techniques. We are committed to high-quality care, provided in an enthusiastic, caring atmosphere.

You have a CHOICE in pursuing solutions to allow you to live
the life you deserve!

Whether your pain and limitations are a result of an injury, surgery, or chronic condition, HEALING TREE'S approach can help you achieve and maintain your optimal strength, stability, and mobility so you can continue to do the things you love. Please feel free to explore to see what makes us so different.

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