Exercise/Movement Instruction

Recent research has changed the way exercises are used for both rehabilitation as well as strength and conditioning. For all areas of the body, the evidence supports correcting problems associated with how you use your muscles in a coordinated manner rather than initially focusing on exercises for strength and power of individual muscles.

The key to correcting dysfunctional patterns of muscle activation is to integrate 'mindfulness' or awareness of movement during the task and to make the task functional. We use imagery extensively to help you internalize, or 'feel', and become aware that there is a difference in the effort required to move/support your body when you use your muscle system properly.

Individuals who go mindlessly through a routine of exercises (such as, if they are distracted by blasting music) will have limited success in retraining how their brain uses the muscles (motor patterns) and may get worse with exercise if poor patterns are reinforced. This may result in irritation of structures and worsening of symptoms. The problem may not be the exercise that was done, but rather how the exercise was performed. That is why at Healing Tree a therapist, not an aide, will be supervising your exercise and movement retraining.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you change the way you use your body by creating an awareness of the things you are doing that are currently overloading structures and creating pain. We will provide you with the tools necessary (knowledge, control, flexibility & strength) to move/exercise in ways that create optimal, efficient, and pain-free movement.