Getting a referral from your doctor
Why do I need a referral to come to Healing Tree?
Illinois law requires that all physical therapy patients be referred by another physician. You cannot see any physical therapist without this referral.
What if my doctor wants to refer me elsewhere?
Doctors often make referrals to physical therapists they’ve worked with in the past. However, as the patient, you have the right to request a referral to a specific physical therapist, even if your doctor has not referred patients there before. You are entitled to request a referral to Healing Tree or any licensed physical therapy facility you wish, but you must take the initiative to make that request. We will be happy to assist you in this process.
Preparing for your first visit
What should I wear to my appointment?
In general, you should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that will allow the therapist to access the part of your body causing you pain during your initial evaluation.
What should I bring with me?
To avoid any delays in starting your treatment, you should bring a copy of your doctor’s referral, your insurance card, photo ID, and the completed forms found on this site.
What to expect from ongoing visits
How long do treatments last?
Typically, therapy sessions last anywhere from 50 to 60 minutes. Your first visit may be a bit longer to allow for a thorough evaluation by your physical therapist. Your course of treatment may include a single visit, or several weeks of regular visits as dictated by your specific condition.
Who will I be working with?
Healing Tree believes in the importance of continuity of service, so you will work with the same therapist who conducts your initial evaluation, unless your schedule or your specific treatment needs necessitate scheduling with another therapist.
What kind of treatment will I receive?
Your treatment will be determined entirely by your specific condition, but may include a variety of options. You can see some of our treatments here.
Will treatment be painful?
Physical therapy is the science of relieving pain, but sometimes it requires exercises that can cause discomfort for short periods of time. When you perform these exercises, your therapist will maintain a constant understanding of the stresses your body experiences, including any temporary pain. At Healing Tree, we believe that therapy does not have to be painful to be effective.
Billing and insurance issues
What kind of insurance does Healing Tree accept?
We currently accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO and Medicare coverage. We work with these providers and bill them directly.
Can I get treatment without accepted insurance?
We are always glad to work with those who don’t carry our accepted insurance. We will make every effort to provide affordable treatment, and offer special rates for self-paying individuals, with or without insurance of their own.
Other issues
What is your patient privacy policy?
Healing Tree maintains patient confidentiality in accordance with the HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices.
What if my pain returns after treatment?
Many conditions that benefit from physical therapy are prone to exacerbation—that is, a flare-up that occurs months or even years after treatment has ended. In the event that your pain returns, you should contact us for advice. It is better to be proactive in treating problems early rather than later. We also offer self-pay wellness options to maintain your optimal mobility and quality of life.