Pre & Post Natal Therapy

No two women experience pregnancy and delivery in quite the same way. Pain during pregnancy can diminish the joyful anticipation of expecting a child, while pain after delivery can contribute to more serious conditions such as post-partum depression.

Pregnancy and delivery can significantly alter the anatomy and function of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor. To compensate, women often develop non-optimal habits for standing, sitting and lifting. These habits can further overload the joints, muscles and organs and lead to complications in the years to come. By restoring function early, we hope to decrease the number of women who will go on to experience back and pelvic pain as well as incontinence and organ prolapse.

Healing Tree offers pre- and post-natal treatment to help new mothers adapt to the changes their bodies experience in the process of pregnancy and childbirth and address problems that may arise during this time.

Healing Tree empowers women through their pregnancies and postpartum experience to understand more about the changes that occur to their bodies and what they should watch for and do to prevent future complications.